Don't feel like soldering, or don't have the right equipment?

This is an upgrade service for YOUR personal Retroflag NESPi case.

You pay shipping (preferably with tracking) to send me YOUR case, I make all the necessary modifications, and I pay return shipping (USPS First Class with tracking) to send it back to you ASAP. When shipping your case to me, please email me your tracking number.

2 days or less mod time.

Available Upgrades

  1. Safe Shutdown Mod
    This turns your Power button into a Safe Shutdown button that launches a script to properly shutdown your system as outlined by James Whites guide found HERE.

    What this upgrade includes:

    - 1x mini MOSFET switch

    - 2x 1N4148 signal diodes
    - 1x 220uf 10v capacitor

    - 1x 2.2
    k resistor
    - 3x DuPont jumper wires

    - 2x open ended jumper wires

  2. Variable Speed Fan Mod
    This makes your fan quieter by reducing its speed based on the temperature of your Pi. It adds a new header to plug your fan into. You will need to install a script to control the speed of your fan
    as outlined in the James White guide found HERE.

    What this upgrade includes:

    - 1x
    NPN Transistor
    - 2x 1N4148 Diodes
    - 1x 2.2k Resistor (1/4 watt)
    - 1x 2 pin male header
    - 1x 4" Jumper wire with female DuPont connector (color will vary)
    - 2x Short jumper wires (colors will vary)

  3. Upgrade Power Wires
    This upgrade replaces the wires from the micro USB board to the switch board with 22 gauge wire. This is done to prevent the low voltage lightning bolt that many cases suffer from. It is also recommended to use at least a 5v 2.5a power supply.

    What this upgrade includes:
    - 22 gauge wire

  4. Script Install
    This option is for the people that don't feel comfortable making changes to their setup.
    Before sending me your system, please make a backup of your image. I will not be responsible for a nonworking image. I will install the script(s) needed for the Safe Shutdown or Variable Speed Fan Mods. They will be tested and saved to your image so all you have to do is turn your system on and enjoy it.

Everything will be soldered together and ready for your Pi to be installed.

The wires will be labeled as to which GPIO pins you need to plug them into.

Unless you add the "Script Install" option, YOU will have to install the script for the buttons and fan to work as intended.

Return shipping will be in an appropriately sized box with bubble wrap, not an envelope like these cases originally shipped in.

This listing does not include a case or a Pi, only the components needed to modify your case.

All cases received will be inspected for imperfections or abnormalities and noted before work is performed.

If sending whole system for a script install, Please make sure your image is backed up.

Not responsible for corrupted images.

Mailing address will be sent to you after purchase.

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NESPi Upgrade Service

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