This kit includes all the components you'll need to modify the NESPi case to make the Power button a safe shutdown button and the Reset button exit emulators as detailed by James White in his tutorial.

1x Mini MOSFET switch (Pololu)
1x 2.2k Resistor (1/4 watt)
1x 220uf Capacitor (10v)
2x 1N4148 Diode
3x 4" Jumper wires with female DuPont connectors (colors will vary)
2x 4" Open ended jumper wires (colors will vary)

-The parts will need to be soldered into the NESPi case (case NOT Included)

-Please read the tutorial first, as it involves a great deal of soldering. The tutorial to make the modification can be found here:

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NESPi Safe Shutdown Parts Kit

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